Prime Global Communications offers A-Z as well as dedicated routes termination services in an effort to complement our offerings and provide you with a full Solution (Hardware, Billing and Traffic Termination) for your VoIP Business. Therefore, Prime Global Communication's clients are sure that all the components of their business are managed with the professionalism and technical expertise that only Prime Global Communications can provide.

The Team of Prime Global Communications has many years of VoIP deployment and maintenance experience and our team is certified by the best providers of VoIP hardware, integrated voice, data and networking equipment. At Prime Global Communications, we fully understand your business and we know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it.

PGC Carrier Benefits:

Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing

  • Superior Network Security
  • Reliability – Backed up platform to guarantee our services
  • Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware (All Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers, IP phones) and also Net meeting.
  • Technical Support – Support Plans to provide level of support you need
  • Web management tools – So you can check your balance at all times Our functional management tool provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they have a clear idea of their traffic and balance of their accounts.

Additionally to the outstanding tools and quality offered, we know how important is for you to offer competitive services to your clients and this is why we are tirelessly working on providing you with the most competitive rates in the market.